Audiovisual links

I have found these UK suppliers of cable and connectors to be quick and reasonably priced and to have a good range in stock: and

Tools, electrical boxes, blanking plates, conduits and safety equipment can be got at good prices in the UK from: As a bonus the staff are more cheerful than Screwfix.

For electrical cables, trunking and hardware:

For aerials, masts, amplifiers and cables:

For satellite dishes, LNBs, switches and receivers:

I gathered much of the information that was new to me from links in the immensely useful website:

I also had a lot of good information and advice about satellite installations from the uk.d-i-y newsgroup, especially from Ron Lowe, Andy Wade and Andy Hall. For a superb site containing advice and help and an extraordinary gallery of pictures of some of the horrors put up by amateurs and dodgy professionals see Wrights Aerials at:

Arduino, computing and programming links

Tom Boyd runs an excellent site with information about the Arduino control board project and much more, including Lazarus for Delphi/Pascal coders. Click on :

Ubuntu can be downloaded from There is a great deal of information and user forums there as well.

Metal, motor, controller and general electronics components suppliers

These are suppliers I have used and found to be cheap, efficient and good quality. It takes between two and four weeks for goods to arrive from the Far Eastern suppliers.

Metal sheets and sections: Ace Metal Supplies (Norwich)

Metal folder: ycfabs2010 on eBay

Power supplies: savebase (Hong Kong supplied from UK through eBay) marcmart.home (China through eBay) and ( Hong Kong through eBay)

Motors: wantaimotor (China through eBay)

Controllers: savebase (Hong Kong supplied from UK through eBay)

General cycling links

Donhou bicycles: beautiful frames and bikes, custom-made in Norwich by a craftsman Great site for the sport and competition rider. It has news of races and riders, reviews of new equipment and clothing, a forum and links to other sites.

Bicycle Tutor: great site for information and how-tos

Academic study of bike stability that destroys misconceptions

Cycle crash data and quotes

Look under "Bicycle safety" in Wikipedia

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents fact sheet - click to download

"One cyclist is killed every two and a half days on Britain’s roads (146 people every year). Six cyclists are seriously injured every day. These are cyclists sustaining injuries ranging from broken bones to brain injury or paralysis. 37 cyclists are slightly injured each day. This means 16,196 people suffer injuries on Britain’s roads every year. Of those who are killed or seriously injured a quarter are under the age of 20 and the number of cyclist deaths has increased over the last few years from 114 in 2003 to 146 in 2006. A quarter of those seriously injured or killed are children." "A way of assessing the risk involved with cycling in the UK is to consider (based on the risk per hour of travelling) the length of time one would have to travel to have a one in a million chance of being killed. By air – 4,300 hours By car – 10 hours By pedal cycle – 2 hours and 40 minutes! "

Above quotes from:

Say where you think the danger spots are

The Times 'Cities fit for cycling' site has a map (not only cities) where you can mark places that you think are dangerous:

A searchable map showing casualties over the last ten years

Healthy diet links

McCance and Widdowson ingredient data Excel workbook:

Medscape. This is US site for doctors and health professionals consisting mostly of abstracts of research papers. However anyone can read it and you can even take diagnosis tests if you want. Most of it is way over the heads of lay people but the material about health, diet, etc is useful and interesting .

Model flying links

Northrepps Model Flying Club:

FrSky manuals

Pegasus Models (Norwich):

Free Flight Supplies (Norwich):

Slec (Watton, Norfolk):

Browning machine guns resources


Hobby King:

British Model Flying Association:


Airfield Models by Paul Johnson

Site about a working quarter-scale Merlin engine

RC Library (Good source of out-of-print old books and magazines):

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