Manuals for FrSky radio equipment (click to download)

Taranis X9D

OpenTx manual

My Taranis, X8R, telemetry and S.BUS manual

X8R receiver

Air speed sensor

Lipo telemetry sensor

Second Lipo telemetry sensor document

Mini Lipo voltage sensor

GPS telemetry sensor

Fuel flow sensor

RPM and temperature telemetry sensor

Current sensor 150A

Current sensor 40A

Variometer telemetry sensor

Telemetry sensor hub

S.BUS to PWM decoder

S.BUS servo channel changer

900 MHz R9M module

900 MHz R9 full-size receiver

900 MHz R9 slim receiver

900 MHz R9 slim+ receiver

900 MHz R9 mini receiver


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Last edit 27 November 2018