Second installation

60 cm dish on aluminium angle bracket
Cable entry cover


First and third installation

This started as a single LNB under the original terrestrial TV and FM aerials. It is now a quatro LNB feeding an eight output cascade multiswitch which in turn feeds a terminated eight output multiswitch. It's a long narrow house!


Fourth installation

On a grade 2 listed building so had to be hidden away at the back. Quad LNB with only three outlets in use.


Fifth installation

On a picturesque country cottage so had to be hidden at the rear of the house. Quad LNB with only three outlets in use.


And the latest

This is an 80 cm dish with a Smart Titanium quatro lnb. I got a 10.5 dB carrier to noise ratio and around 10-5 bit error rate, and that was when the sky was overcast. The lnb must be one of those at the top of the tolerance range.

I used Webro crimp-on F-connectors for the first time. You can see the blue ends just above the colour bands. I am very impressed with the ease of installation and the fact that they are fully water sealed. To see how they work click here. I am using the pocket tool. To see this in pictures jump to the Connectors page and scroll down.


The multiswitch is a first trial of a brand I haven't used before, a Delta. The price and specification is very good. Time will tell how good it is. Two more of the outputs will be used soon. Unused ones have terminators. Toolstation twin screened F wall-plates were used. They are well-made and easy to use and are cheap. They have an additional mu-metal screen inside. All cables are Webro WF100.


What you can do on the cheap (or less)

I needed a system for my workshop, so I could listen to a bigger range of radio stations. This cost precisely zero, and shows what you can do if you don't throw stuff away or if you liberate stuff when people you know upgrade a system. All of this is recycled from jobs I've done. The naff Sky dish produces a poor but usable signal at about 7.5 dB CNR and 1 x 10-3 BER. I replaced the Sky LNB and mount. The mast just needed a cleanup and the TK brackets got a Kurust treatment followed by a coat of paint.


(C) Peter Scott 2009

Last edit 26 December 2015