Writing and research

Writing has been part of every job I have done. I write clearly and as simply as possible for the subject. I agree with Albert Einstein that, 'If you can't explain something in simple language, then you don't understand it'. Look at the writing in the technical sections of this site to see what I mean.

Here is a selection of things I have written:

Books on the Internet and systems analysis

Manuals, including technical and user instruction manuals

Proposals for courses up to degree level, including syllabuses, courseware, assessment schemes and case studies

Courseware up to degree level, including information handouts, presentations and instructional material

Publicity material for the ITeC and City College Norwich

Original case studies for HND and degree level systems analysis students

Press articles, including editing a student newspaper and writing for magazines

Systems analysis documents including requirements catalogues and specifications

Research reports including original research and synthesis studies


In other words, whatever you need written I've probably done it before. Let my brain take your strain! Oh yes, I am very good at keeping to deadlines.


(C) Peter Scott 2009

Last edit 27 December 2015