Ubuntu is delivered with...

LibreOffice including:

writer (like Word)

calc (like Excel)

impress (like Powerpoint)

Firefox browser

Thunderbird for email

Rhythmbox for music (like iTunes)

Shotwell for photograph import and management

Movie player (might need extra codecs)



Suggested extras

base database manager from LibreOffice (but not as powerful as Access)

Kexi, MySQL or MariaDB for a fully relational database manager

FileZilla excellent file transfer application

GIMP (like Photoshop)

UFRaw from SourceForge to open raw photograph files or integrate into GIMP

Synaptic package manager

K3b for burning CD, DVD and BD disks

Inkscape drawing tool

Scribus for desktop publishing layout on existing text

Jokosher editing and mixing existing music files

Unity Tweak to configure your Unity desktop

GadminSamba for networked file and printer sharing

Educational programs for young people of any age



You probably don't need to worry about viruses. Ubuntu is very secure. It is not full of holes like Windows and you can't install or change applications without a user password being entered. A linuxwiki entry for 2011 listed only 21 viruses and 12 worms for the previous decade, most of which were either unlikely to be installed or were not dangerous.

Possible reasons for the security:

Normal use does not allow changes to, or installation of, programs

Diversity of linux versions means that usable flaws won't apply across them all

Software is installed from uncorrupted repositories

Code is extremely good with no clunky fixes done in desperation

Hostile environment means that viruses die out due to difficulty of reproduction, just like illness


If you want a virus checker use:


or AVG free deb version (not available on ubuntu installer)


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Last edit 19 September 2014