Rural broadband

At last broadband is seen as an essential service like water and electricity. Rural areas, and some areas in towns and cities, are to get a service for the first time or at higher speeds. I was forced to use satellite broadband through tooway but, though very much better than landline, this was not without its problems. Tooway has now disappeared at very short notice. There is no point in looking to BT or politicians to enable a decent service. Despite paying the same taxes, country dwellers are falling further and further behind. One solution is to start a private fibre project like the one by B4RN (Broadband For the Rural North). You can read about it by clicking the first option below.

However hope is at hand as 4G mobile gives a service that is acceptable for the forseeable future. My experience with 4G can be read by clicking the second option down.

Fibre to the premises in North Norfolk
4G in - goodbye satellite
Commercial rural fibre broadband in Norfolk
WISP in Norfolk


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Last edit 27 February 2020