Rowing test

Collect together a stop watch or phone app that acts as one, a pencil and a piece of paper. Do a session of vigorous exercise such as cycling or running that increases your heart rate. Lie down and stay still. Start the watch. After one minute count your pulse for thirty seconds and write it down. When three minutes are up, repeat this. When seven are up, do it again. Add up the three numbers. Then divide 15000 by the answer. Look up the result in this table to find out how fit you are.

For example the three readings are: 75, 45, 35. The sum is 155. 15000/155 is 97. This is a 'very good' result.

More than 110 Excellent
95 To 110 Very good
88 To 94 Good
81 To 87 Average
75 To 80 Fair
71 To 74 Poor
70 or less Make a will



(C) Peter Scott 2012

Last edit 26 December 2015