Proposed mains drainage scheme

Here are pdf documents about the proposal (please send me others I might not have). I have removed location data to protect our privacy.

Connection decisions to date: 5 yes / 1 probable yes / 6 no

Original Anglian Water letter in September 2009

Plan of the third proposed location for the pump (first two were near the pond and next to the terrace)

Plan of second location for the pump to which we might revert

Plan of pipe routes on Reggie Shreeve's land

Picture from AW of a pump

Letter from Anglian Water to householders near the third pump

Information and survey handout from Peter Scott on 26 October 2016

Rough survey by Peter Scott using Google maps data

Leaflet about the scheme

Report on 1st November meeting with John Lambert

Email from John Lambert 4 Nov

My reply to last email 4 Nov

Suzi's report on her meeting with John

John's email to Peter 13 Dec 2016 with news that scheme will start autumn 2017

Exchanges about the fibre in the trench idea

Email to Norman Lamb about putting fibre cable in sewer trench

Norman Lamb's reply

Reply from BBFN to trench proposal

A further exchange on trench

Chris Conder's devastating blog on B4RN and useless politicians

Improving North Norfolk's mobile signals: meeting notes February 2017



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Last edit 23 February 2017