Kinetic Art

I have a picture in my head of shapes changing continuously at differing speeds and never repeating. The speeds and distances change with manual control or in proportion to brightness, sound loudness, air speed or room temperature.

I am still choosing my colour palette, brushes and canvas. The colours are rods or tubes made of wood, aluminium or perspex. They are to be jointed at their ends and will possibly be variably lit from within or outside. I can also see liquids, grains or powders moving along the tubes. The brush is a driver to move the shapes. The canvas is a three dimensional space, at least a metre in each dimension and probably much larger, suspended in space in a room.

Until I have an adequate driver with at least four motors I cannot start experimenting with shapes. For now I am concentrating on making a powerful driver with as much flexibility as possible with regard to inputs, processing and outputs. At the moment I am using the simplest of shapes - a cube. The shapes I use will be made from polygons, with four or more sides of course. Triangles can't be deformed.



(C) Peter Scott 2012

Last edit 23 December 2015