Building and Flying Indoor Model Airplanes by Ron Williams

Whether you are, like me, a starter at indoor flying or someone who has done a lot but wants to build better models this is a great book. It describes how to do everything with clear diagrams and simple language. It is filled with practical hints and tips from a flyer who has actually done it successfully. The models range from folded paper chuck gliders to the most esoteric ultra-lightweight competition models covered in dope-based microfilm. There are many plans that you can scale up and use for building. It even covers designs for boxes for carrying the fragile models

Until recently the problem was that it was out of print. I imported a copy through Abebooks from Vagabond Books in the USA. The carriage wasn't cheap but it arrived in only four days. The book was well worth the money. However at the Sams Models stand at the Freeflight Nationals I found that it has been reprinted and can be bought for £29.95 in the UK at

Indoor Flying Models by Lew Gitlow

This superb book covers a huge range, including tools, materials and both basic and advanced skills. It has plans and sketches for all types of indoor models from simple penny planes and chuck gliders, through scale models, to the most arcane FAI microfilm models. It was last published in 1993 so you will have to find a second-hand copy as I think it is out of print. I tracked one down on eBay but as you see the cover is stained.


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