Northrepps Model Flying Club

I have found yet another good reason for living in North Norfolk. Northrepps MFC has a superb flying field next to a club for flyers of light aircraft, microlights and paramotors. It is maintained by Chairman Dave Wilcox. The members are friendly and welcoming even to a rusty returning flyer like me. The MFC can use the facilities of the main club including a cafe, clubhouse and toilets. There are aircraft benches, a solar panel that charges batteries for cell recharge, a caravan and a well mown runway and model helicopter landing area.

Climb and Glide competition

In 2018 we hstarted a monthly Climb and Glide competition. We have kept the rules simple and the aim is fun rather than cut-throat competition. Any Bixler model can be used, and we have a 20s climb. The last three down fully on the runway score 5, 10 and 20 points. Each flyer has a number that he or she shouts out on landing. We had the first session on January 14th 2018, generally agreed to be great fun. Here is group picture after flying, with all models intact.

Handicap Climb and Glide competition

The most experienced members will probably win the competition, so we are adding a handicap version to it. Each member starts the year with his or her score from the previous year but negative. As the rounds progress the new scores are added to this number. Someone who does exactly as well as last year will finish with zero. Someone who is improving gets a positive score. This gives the newer members a chance to show how well they are progressing. By April we had had four rounds in 2018 so we tried it out over the next four. It seemed to work and rewarded people who improved and those who flew regularly. Who knows, we might try it for Spot Landing as well in 2019.

Spot landing competition

The Climb and Glide has proved a great success. Loads of fun and excellent practice. So we decided to add a monthly Spot Landing competition as well. We use the same Bixlers as for the Climb and Glide. Flyers attempt to touch their gliding models down on a one square metre rubber mat. Failing that, nose touchdown points are marked in the grass using Keith Eldred's autotags and disks marked with flyers' numbers. Distances are measured from a cross at its centre.

We fly all year round. Here is a member flying in the winter:

To find out more about the club click here to see Dave Wilcox's excellent club website.


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Last edit 20 August 2019