Binham fly-in September 2016

The Sunday was perfect flying weather. There was a great range of models from sleek glass soaring gliders to beautifully built and flown large scale models. There was also a great display of almost formation flying from a pair of fast deltas.

It was my first visit so of course I got lost. I had to climb a high grass verge and spot flying models and a row of caravans in the distance. The only problem then was to keep the bearing in mind while I drove along winding lanes with high hedges.


In the boot of a car was this hand-made model of an aircraft engine.The builder has been working on it for decades using manual machine tools, cutting the parts from metal blanks. I didn't write down what he said the original engine was, but I am pretty sure he said a Napier. It is therefore most likely a Sabre or Dagger engine. A truly beautiful piece of astonishing craftsmanship. I have never seen better anywhere.



(C) Peter Scott 2016

Last edit 30 June 2018