Don't have sugary drinks or snacks

Sugary drinks are best avoided. Coffee and tea tastes better without the sickly flavour. You won't get spikes of blood sugar, and avoiding sweet, acidic, fizzy drinks will help to stop your teeth rotting. In September 2014 the BMC Public Health Journal suggested that no more than 3% of your daily calories should be from sugar, as this would reduce tooth decay.

Manufacturers have conned us into thinking that we need to eat between meals. We don't, and the stuff that they sell us (I deliberately don't use the word 'food') is sickly, sticky bars of no nutritional value. They are high calorie, high GI, worthless and potentially dangerous, including the 'healthy bars'. You might need one on a long run or cycle ride, or after a long swim, but not sitting down.








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Last edit 24 December 2015