Stop drinking alcohol.

Alcohol is the elephant in the room, rarely mentioned in the dieting press. Many people get fat not because of what they eat but what they drink. Apart from the serious safety and health risks, alcohol is high calorie. One large glass of wine is about 200 Calories, a pint of beer or cyder at 4.5% has 220 and a typical home-size double short is 120 plus any Calories in mixers. Unless you are drunk yourself, a drunk is boring, irritating or embarrassing anyway. You can have more fun socially if you are sober.

Don't be taken in by the idea that alcohol is somehow good for you. Alcohol is a poison, which is why it is used as a disinfectant. A May 2014 Medscape summary highlights its danger. I bet you daren't read it. As you won't, here is a summary. There is no safe amount of alcohol. The more you drink the worse the damage. The nearer your mouth the worse the damage, though a recent study suggests that this might be due to these cells splitting more frequently. There is a small benefit from a glass of red wine a day (not a 250ml bucket) but even here the ill effects are about eight times more. In January 2018 evidence was presented that alcohol causes cancers directly, by damage to DNA, which would also explain the increased danger for cells that frequently split.

Needless to say if you smoke the effects of alcohol are worse. Of course if you care enough about your health to be reading this then you won't be so stupid as to smoke anyway.


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Last edit 10 January 2018