Eat mostly home cooked food

In 2014 I heard on the radio a surprising factoid that I didn't believe. "Despite the recession people are eating out even more - up to twenty-five times a month". How often? If the figure is even remotely near then we have another cause of fatness. When I eat out I eat more than at home. Portions are usually bigger and the food often more calorific. At home I rarely eat puddings but when I don't have to cook I often have more courses. I love eating out but I know that only by mostly eating at home can I control the calories I eat. Home cooked food is usually fresher and should be more tasty.

And five years later in 2019 I learn that people are spending five thousand million pounds a year on take-away meals delivered to their homes, by such as Deliveroo and Just Eat. Demand is such that Deliveroo is setting up 'Dark Kitchens' on industrial estates, which are shared by several restaurants whose cooks produce take-away food from the restaurant recipes. We all like a take-away, but it is mostly not healthy food and by the time it is delivered it isn't freshly cooked. Nor do we know what is in it, including calories and salt. I always get the thirsts after eating a Chinese takeaway. Take care!


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(C) Peter Scott 2014

Last edit 23 April 2019