Don't obsess about weight

Either weigh often or rarely. Your weight varies during the day so if you weigh once daily make sure you weigh under the same conditions, for example naked before breakfast. You lose weight as you exercise through sweating. A full bladder or bowel can contain several hundred grams of waste. As an experiment weigh yourself before and after a toilet visit and see how much you lose. Unless you weigh under identical conditions you will not see how your weight is progressing.

What matters, though, is that your body is the shape you want it to be. Muscle is much denser than fat so if you have built muscle and lost fat your body might be heavier for the same shape and size. Body mass index is a poor guide for muscular people, giving a high reading for people in excellent shape. If you can judge your shape objectively (some people can't), look at your body carefully to decide if you need to lose weight. If you can't judge, ask someone you trust. Alternatively look on the health testing page to get a more objective measure of your body.





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Last edit 24 December 2015