Try fasting

I have described elsewhere the cancer protection given by fasting. You will also lose weight. In the two years or so that I have been fasting two days a week my weight has gone down by 8 kg. I only want to lose about another one or two so then I will have to eat more on non-fasting days. Oh no!

I love food. To be more precise I love good food, cooked at home from fresh ingredients from recipes that come from all over the world. To succeed at fasting you need to find filling recipes with good strong flavours, containing lots of vegetables. As an example take a look at this recipe for a rich, spicy soup. Each generous portion is only 221 Cal so you can eat a 100 g chunk of good bread with it and still be able to eat some fruit later. You must eat plenty of vegetables when fasting to avoid the English disease of constipation.





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Last edit 8 October 2016