Speed up your metabolism by exercise.

Your body burns more calories for a day or so after you stop vigorous exercise. You know this because you feel warm. The best science suggests that there are several ways to get the exercise you need. If your job involves moving a lot, like a postman, chef, waiter or builder, you might not need any more. If you are mostly sedentary you should ideally get at least 150 minutes a week of vigorous exercise that gets you out of breath and raises your heart rate.

If you have an old mountain bike why not buy a smooth tyre for the back wheel and then get a 'turbo trainer' for it? Machine Mart has some good ones at low cost. Go to then search for 'bike trainer'. If you fit a wired bike computer to the rear wheel you can then measure how much work you do. Wireless computers are unlikely to work as you must put the sensor on the rear wheel. Garmin GPS computers like the Edge (not 200) will work fine if you buy cadence and wheel speed sensors.Using a cheap computer, the total cost for all three is less than 100 pounds, which is about two months' gym fees. It is likely that even as little as 20 seconds of VERY intense exercise, such as on a bike, is as good as, or better than, long sessions of lower intensity work. If I am not riding on the road, I do thirty minutes a day of speed cycling (35 kph), with two or three one minute periods at high speed (up to 155 cadence) after which I'm gasping. Anyone can find that amount of time. Don't forget to stretch before and after exercise.

If you are unable to exercise your legs due to arthritis why not get a bike-like exerciser that can be worked by hands or feet? With it mounted on a table you can get up a good sweat without having to stand.


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