The secret to losing weight and getting fit

There is no secret! Our bodies evolved to deal with plenty followed by starvation. Excess food is stored as fat. This was good when our food supply was unreliable. Now it spoils our lives by making us permanently fat. Our bodies are adapted to walk and run all day with bursts of intense activity. Now we sit for most of the day.

You don't have to do all of the following things, which I have put together from various scientific sources. You might be badly addicted to alcohol ('I need a drink' rather than 'I'd like a drink') or really can't stomach coffee that tastes of coffee rather than sugar. It will work if you only do some of these things but perhaps more slowly.

Here are some simple rules. They are explained in more detail on other pages.

Eat the right amount
Stop drinking alcohol
Assemble a set of recipes
Enjoy what you eat
Eat mostly home-cooked food
Don't have sugary drinks or snacks
Speed up your metabolism by exercise
Improve your muscles
Don't obsess about weight
Don't eat late at night
Try fasting
Don't be in a hurry



(C) Peter Scott 2012

Last edit 24 December 2015