Software development

Many computer systems work poorly. This affects systems from large, expensive
government systems to small company applications. The reason is usually poor
systems analysis and design, not hardware or programming. Too often the people
who do the work do not know how to help the customer to find out what he or she needs.

The next most likely cause is poor data design. There is no excuse. Methods for
creating complete and flexible data structures have been around for forty years.
Laziness, over-confidence and lack of knowledge in the analyst, result in duplication,
inability to access data, and problems when changes have to be made.

I am certificated by the Information Systems Examination Board for
systems analysis and design. I have produced many systems, mostly using
networked Access. This works cheaply and effectively, and is more than adequate
for small or medium companies.

With Morgan Scott you get:

Fixed price

Agreed system requirements

Written agreement about what is to be delivered and when

Knowledge that the developer has high-level formal qualifications

Amongst the projects completed are:

Networked customer database and management system for an IT Association
Networked client database for a DTI funded training and consultancy company
Recipe and dietary analysis program
Sports club recording system for members performance, handicaps and competition results
Program to store expert knowledge and manage client advice
Searchable glossary of computing terms
Exercise record program that calculates energy, power and fitness index
Multiple choice question bank enabling rapid creation of graded question papers



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Last edit 27 December 2015