My favourite Android apps

These are what I use on my Samsung Galaxy S3

Some of these need no notes as it is obvious what they do

Adobe acrobat Read adobe files Free

Amazon UK Free. I no longer use this as I've closed my Amazon account in disgust at the way they rob my country of taxes

Anagram solver Free

Antivirus Pro AVG's normal excellent product. I now prefer Lookout. Free

Appolicious This is an excellent source of apps including all those in this list. It is also probably the safest. Free

BBC iPlayer radio Look up the schedules, download or listen to past programmes, listen live using your wifi Free

BBC News Excellent news service. Free

Bike calculator You enter wheel size, chainring, sprocket, cadence, body weight, and gradient. It works out speed and power Free

Block puzzle king Addictive game fitting blocks into frames Free

Car finder Store your parking position and find your car later Free

Chrome Alternative to Firefox Free

Clock Clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer Free

Compass Just that. Uses GPS. Free

Convert anything Converts most physical quantities like grams to ounces Free

Currency Exchange The best of the currency converters and it is kept up to date. Free

DevCalc For people who need to convert number bases for example decimal to binary Free

Dictionary from Fairly good with British spelling but some mistakes like loth meaning unwilling being 'corrected' to loath which is not a British word. Free

Dish aligner Use to set up a satellite dish Free

Droid Sky View View of stars and planets based on direction from GPS signal Free

Duckduckgo Excellent search engine that does not store your searches Free

Earth from google. Free

Easter date Free

eBay Free

Exchange rates If you regularly buy foreigh currencies, this helps you choose the moment. Free

FIA formula e Follow the new car racing formula for electric cars Free

Firefox See the details on the Windows software page. I now prefer Google Chrome. Free

First Direct If you are sensible enough to bank with First Direct, they now provide this app to use your accounts on-line with a mobile.

Flashlight Ultimate A torch of course. It is very bright and you can have a strobe of a police siren if you want. Free

FM radio Free

Gmail Free

Google Chrome Though I prefer Firefox for computers, I think that Chrome is the best for phones. Free

Google Sky Map Learn where to find the stars. Free

GPS test Displays the position of viewable GPS satellites and compass bearing Test

Guardian Online newspaper summary. Free

Guitar Tuner Graphical tuner that does 4, 5, 6 and 7 string instruments. Free

Heart rate Uses your finger tip and phone light to measure pulse Free

HP ePrint Finds printers on your home network and prints to them through a cloud application. Free

Huffpost Huffington Post news service Free

JustUK codes Look up physical location of a dial code Free

Latitude This provides a GPS fix and map of where you are. See maps. Free

London Underground map Free

Magnify If you can't read a label or want to see something close up use this app. Free

Maps This is the google service and downloads Navigation, Places and Latitude for you. Free

Met office Generally accurate forecasts for your area Free

Music Plays music files on your phone Free

Navigation Google's GPS guidance system. See maps. Almost as good as Tom Tom. Free

Network signal info Measures signal from your wifi network and the mobile phone mast Free

No to 0870 If like me you are annoyed by companies and government bodies that use 0800, 0845, 0870 etc so you have to pay for the call on mobiles, use this app to find alternative geographic numbers that are probably free if you have the right contract. See also 0800 Wizard. Free

Oil price etc. If you use oil for heating, this app allows you to track crude oil prices and plan when to buy your healing oil. Free

Parking Recall Uses GPS to get you back to your car. You store its location when you leave it. Free

PhoneUsage Brilliant way to check how many minutes, texts and megabytes you've used. Do it by day, week or month. On my HTC I have added it to my widgets so I can instantly scroll to see my usage. Free

Phases of the moon Free

Photoeditor pro Versatile photo editor Free

QR Droid This reads the internet addresses, and other data, in QR codes. Free

RealCalc Excellent calculator. Free

Satellite director Used to align satellite dishes Free

Shopper You read bar codes in shops using your camera. The software then tells you where else you can buy the item. Free

Sky Drive Access to Microsoft's free cloud storage. Free

Sky News Free

Skype The internet Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system. Free

Smart Tools A whole set of tools such as ruler, sound meter, mirror, metal detector, colour measurer, cardiograph, night vision and so on Free

Software data cable Using wifi, it allows you to set up an ftp (file transfer protocol) link with a computer on your network so you can transfer files. You open your computer's browser and type in the IP address created for the phone. Then you can see the entire directory structure on your phone. Free

SoundHound Recognises songs that you play to it. Free

Sound meter Self-evident Free

Speed Test This is the one. You can see just how low the mobile internet speeds are. Free

Spell checker Speaks for itself. Free

Spirit Level Plus Yes it's a practical spirit level, using the phone's internal position sensors. Free

St John Ambulance How to cope with medical emergencies Free

Strava Simon Wolf has recommended Strava to me. It's a bike computer and data recording system for Android or iPhone. You can share your data with others if you are brave enough. It appears to need the phone to have the latest version of Android so older HTCs and so on might not maintain a good GPS signal. Free or try Velo

Sudoku puzzles Pointless, but compelling, game of logic. Free

Talkto Type Stunningly clever dictation software. Needs no training and you can copy and paste. Free

Thomson local Free

Translate Does an excellent job of translating phrases to and from a wide range of languages including latin. It remembers the language pair that you last selected so you don't have to search for it again. It has a voice operated function as well, but I've not tried that. Free

The Complete National Cycle Network Shows you where the Sustrans numbered routes are. Free

Trainline Book trains Free

UK Tides Plan your visit to the seaside Free

Voice Recorder Does what it says on the tin. Free

WhatsApp Excellent way to send free messages. Free

Wifi analyser Displays the strengths of all detectable local wifi networks. Free

Wikipedia Speaks for itself. Free but please send them a donation

Windows Hotmail Free

Word Net Dictionary and Thesaurus. Free

WPS Office Excellent office suite Free


(C) Peter Scott 2011

Last edit 26 December 2015